In this video from chapter 14 of Learning Web Development with Seaside we look at the Monticello source code management system. Monticello allows us to save source code outside of our Smalltalk environment.

We start by launching the Seaside One-Click Experience and opening a Monticello Browser. We click the ‘Add Package’ button and provide a package name. Next we add a repository to the package. We will use a local directory for the repository (I had created a directory named ‘Monticello’ in my home directory). Now we click the ‘Save’ button to save the LosBoquitas package to the repository. We provide a comment and see that we now have a package. When we look at the file system we see that there is a file in the Monticello directory that contains a version of our package.

We would like to understand the package contents. Make a copy of the package and rename the copy so that it has a ‘.zip’ extension. Use the operating system tools to unzip the package and we can see that there are various files and a directory. We can view the package file in a text editor and we can view the vresion file in a text editor. We see that the version file is a list of name/value pairs describing the current version. In the snapshot directory there is a ‘’ file that contains the code for our package.

Now we can make a change to one of the methods in our package and see how Monticello marks changed files. We can view the changes in a Patch Browser. The green shows our current code and the red shows the prior code.

We now save our Smalltalk environment and quit.

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