I’ve completed editing and posting the videos from the ‘Scaling Objects for the Enterprise’ presentation at Smalltalks 2009 in Buenos Aires. This post provides a summary list of links:

  1. What is GemStone?
  2. Object format and pointers
  3. Special Objects and Header
  4. Large Objects
  5. Repository, Extents, and Object Table
  6. Component Overview
  7. Shared Page Cache
  8. How Gems Create an Object
  9. How Gems Read an Object
  10. How Gems Modify an Object
  11. How A Gem Dereferences an Object
  12. Commit Record Backlog
  13. Handling Commit Record Backlog
  14. Commit Process
  15. Issues in Concurrency
  16. Lock Granularity
  17. Reduced Conflict Classes
  18. The Stone Process
  19. Live and Dead Objects
  20. Nine Steps of Repository-Wide Garbage Collection
  21. Epoch GC, Offline GC, Multi-machine
  22. Garbage Collection Q & A

If you cannot get access to YouTube (e.g., due to corporate web policies), you can get the QuickTime files directly from here.