Occasionally there are questions about setting up a SqueakSource repository and the response seems to be that it is most reliable on older versions of Squeak and Seaside. While I certainly agree with the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” philosophy, it seems that eventually something will break and fixing it (or enhancing it) will be more difficult if the related pieces are out-of-date.

Also, there are occasional problems with saving to a file system that a transactional database might handle better, and if I’m going to do any work with SqueakSource, I’d rather it be in a current version of my tools.

There is a project to port SqueakSource to Seaside 2.8, but it hasn’t had lots of activity. I’ve spent a few days recently poking at it and have made some progress getting it to run in a current Pharo image with a recent Seaside 2.8 version. Also, I’ve been able to load the code into GemStone and my brief experiments with each platform suggest that it is working in at least a superficial manner.

I’ll start using SqueakSource2 in GemStone and see how things go.