As the week goes on I get a bit behind on trip reports. Tuesday evening was in Loma Linda (being my home town there was a good representation from family).

Wednesday I drove to San Diego and met with people from the San Diego Ruby Meetup. Since it wasn’t their usual night we could not use their typical venue. We met at Panera Bread and most people could see enough of my screen to follow the discussion. The most fun question was in response to the discussion of built-in object persistence, “You mean you don’t have to define object mapping?” The look of astonishment was priceless. 

The last event was the Los Angeles Ruby/Rails Meetup (pictured above) and was held at UCLA. I shared the program with Yehuda Katz from EngineYard and there were ~60 people present. I had some interesting side conversations with people about persistence. 

It is a lot of fun to show powerful technology to bright people.