Wednesday morning we had the Seaside tutorial. There were 10-12 attendees, of whom only one or two had experience with Smalltalk. It was exciting to see their interest in Smalltalk and Seaside. We gave them the Squeak one-click image and worked through a sample application there. Then we had a demo of WebVelocity and tried a more complex application on GLASS. 

A couple amusing Smalltalk experiences… At the welcome reception there are “Posters” where researchers stand by a bulletin board with a poster showing their work. People wander around and ask questions. One fellow was proposing a new syntax for function calls in which you have named parameters. He seemed to be unaware that Smalltalk showed this approach decades ago. Next, I went to a Ruby/Rails tutorial where the instructor asked people to introduce themselves and give their background. Of course, I mentioned Smalltalk/Seaside, and so for the rest of the three hours he kept making reference to how Ruby/Rails was better than everything else out there, “except for Smalltalk that does this even better.” It almost got embarrassing since I was there to learn not to intimidate.